Memorandum from the Office of The Intern Supervisor

To: Student Interns
From: Intern Supervisor
Re: Program Schedule

The media and presidency go hand-in-hand. There are many staff members who work with the media and the image the media will portray. As part of your internship, you will need to learn more about the role that the media plays in politics. This will help you with your next internship task which will involve creating and analyzing Political Cartoons as part of a publication that will be distributed to visitors of the White House.
Your tasks:
Explain how the media shapes public opinion.
Explain the important role the media plays in publicizing the President's message and image.
Review the history of Political Cartoons.
Identify symbols, caricature, and the message, opinion or point of view of Political Cartoons.

Quote for the day:
"We live under a government of men and morning newspapers."–Wendell Phillips

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